1. davidajohnsonart:

    The truth is, our civilization is not Christian; it is a tragic compound of great ideal and fearful practice, of loving charity and fearful clutching of possessions.

    Alan Paton

  2. T. “oh I get it, it’s very clever”
    N. “Thank you.”
    T. “Hows that working out for you.”
    N. “What?”
    T. ” Being clever.”
    N. “Keep it up then.”

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  3. Smil’s let’s-face-the-facts-lack-of-illusion crust comes out loud and clear.

    "I don’t propose," he says. "I’m old fashioned. I’m not one of these young guys who think they are so smart that they can prescribe what humanity ought to do. Humanity never learns any lessons. Prescriptions don’t matter. We already know exactly what to do. We just don’t do it."


  6. "This may be the most ambitious and capacious dystopian critique since “The Matrix” 15 years ago, and it’s one that seeks to offer a hopeful and even transcendent vision. But such things cannot be purchased cheaply, as even Katniss Everdeen understands after her adolescent fashion. The great triumph of “Snowpiercer” may lie in its final and tragic understanding that if we are ever to escape our train of planetary destruction, our delusional consumer paradise built on the suffering of many, the price will be more than most of us are willing to pay."

  7. "I don’t hide from you that I don’t detest the countryside — having been brought up there, snatches of memories from past times, yearnings for that infinite of which the Sower, the sheaf, are the symbols, still enchant me as before. But when will I do the starry sky, then, that painting that’s always on my mind?"
    — On or about 19 June 1888 Vincent van Gogh wrote to his friend, the painter Emile Bernard:

  8. "Digression is secular revelation."
    — Adam Phillips

  9. "

    I’ve noticed that worrying is like praying for what you don’t want to happen. I don’t worry, but I observe where my mind tends to go. I have such an overwhelming sense that if you’re in the right state of heart, which I have been for a little while, the next right thing appears to you.


    — R. Downey Jr
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