1. I’ve been wondering if it’s enough just to have the creativity welling about… sloshing about in there… because I sometimes / oftentimes don’t know where or how or am to scared to direct it somewhere…..

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  4. For my deck

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    Photo of the Week: Creepy Unicorn Carnival 

    Full of creaking 19th century carousels in a dimly lit gallery, Paris’s Musée des Arts Forains can be a scary place. In this Photo of the Week, Atlas user Katie Bush captures the eerily magical feeling of the space in one singular image. Here she describes her visit:

    This little museum is tucked away in an odd part of Paris — a section that has shops built on old train tracks, and the museum is housed in one of the city’s original train stations. When you walk inside of the large gates, the whole place feels magical. There are lots of sculptures of animals sticking out of buildings, old carnival rides outside and inside of the museum, masks hanging off of the old station, pretty much everything you can imagine. The inside of the museum is very dark, but hauntingly magical. All of the items housed in the museum are of excellent quality and have a high level of craftsmanship. They were all hand painted. I especially liked the illuminated pieces, as seen in the background my image. I believe that this particular photo was of a unicorn costume used in some sort of sideshow.

    Visit the Musee Des Arts Forains on Atlas Obscura!

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  6. "I don’t give a shit anymore" ;)

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  7. "Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness."
    — Werner